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Our Garden

We are transforming an ordinary garden in Radcliffe On Trent, Nottingham into a haven for wildlife.


We've enlisted the help of a number of wildlife loving volunteers, and the advice of an experienced wildlife gardener. We dig, sow, plant and grow. We've created habitats for wildlife, made log piles, grown a wildflower meadow and built bird boxes. And we are filming the whole thing so that we can show you exactly how we did it.

How did we pick the garden?

We knew we wanted to find a garden with owners who would continue to care for the wildlife we attract long after filming finishes, so we decided to advertise with the kind help of the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. The decision was hard, but in the end, we decided to go with the garden in Radcliffe on Trent. This garden was small enough to be manageable, but big enough to have enough space for a variety of habitats. It was enough of a blank canvas so that we could really monitor the difference our gardening made. It was perfect really!

What changes have you made already in the garden?

Essentially we want as many creatures as possible to feed, sleep and preferably breed in the little space we have created for them. So, we have provided food and shelter for an array of wildlife in the form of bird boxes, bird feeders, hedgehog feeding stations and insect habitats. We have planted a wildflower meadow on an unused piece of lawn with two separate areas: one which will be in full bloom throughout Spring, and another which will come to life in the Summer. Oh, and we have kept a bit of the lawn as lawn (essential for barbeques and cloud watching).

What's next?

We have many more plans for our wildlife garden! We want to make the most of the woodland area at the bottom of the garden by growing woodland flowers underneath and by creating a wild patch by letting some of the lawn grow wild - an essential hiding place for a range of mammals, reptiles and amphibians. 

We would like to rejuvenate the pond and attract new life to it. At the moment the pond attracts a variety of invertebrates including dragonflies and damselflies, as well as frogs, newts and occasionally ducks!. We would like even more life though, so we will be looking into planting a greater variety of plants in and around the pond. This year we also hope to make and put up bat boxes, and dot more insect habitats around the garden.

More photos from our garden

  • Taking a break
  • Robin box
  • The log pile and pruned tree
  • The trees before the pruning!
  • Description: This picture was taken last autumn before the owners of the garden cut one tree down and had the others pruned. It might look sad but all is not lost, there is more light coming through now for new growth, and we are going to make good use of the wood for log piles and the stump as a makeshift bird table!
  • Great tits in our homemade bird box
  • Description: Here they are! The lovely little great tit chicks!
  • Mole hills!!!
  • Description: Let's hope we can catch these little critters on film!
  • Seemingly barren...
  • Teasel by the pond
  • Description: Taken last autumn


We have plenty more photos of our garden. Feel free to take a look around our dedicated gallery for more.