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About the project


Here at The Wildlife Garden Project, our aim is to provide the information and inspiration for people across the country to create their own little patch for wildlife. So our team of volunteers has assembled together more articles, videos, photos and tips than you can shake a stick at, right here in one handy location! Get practical advice and information on Gardening, identify the new creatures who have visited your garden, or find out more about them in our ever growing Wildlife section and learn new tips and techniques with our Videos. Ask for and offer advice and connect with other wildlife gardeners on our Forum, and browse through our photos or even add your own in our Gallery.

To help us spread our wildlife gardening message even further, we regularly make video tutorials on all aspects of wildlife gardening: everything from making a bird box to growing a wildflower meadow! You can see what we have been up to so far on our video page here. If you have any unusual visitors to your garden, or if you have an interesting wildlife gardening story to tell, we want to hear from you! Contact us here

We hope to offer a friendly place where people can support and help each other: our own little wildlife gardening community. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the countryside or in a city, whether you own 50 acres or just a balcony, everyone can do their bit. So sign up, watch the videos, read the info and join in the discussions in the forum, but most importantly, GET WILDLIFE GARDENING!

For more information on The Wildlife Garden Project, please see our FAQs.


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We are transforming an ordinary garden in Radcliffe On Trent, Nottingham into a haven for wildlife.