Helping create the UK’s largest wildlife reserve

Imagine if everybody in the UK made just a few small changes in their garden to help our British wildlife. Think of the giant patchwork of habitats that could be created, all the new homes that could be formed, and all the mouths that could be fed. Here at The Wildlife Garden Project, we want to equip you with the tools and information to create your own little wildlife haven right on your doorstep.

So have a browse around, you'll find how to videos, a photo gallery, tips for your wildlife garden and a forum where you can connect with other nature lovers. So, no excuses, get those spades out and enjoy all those creatures that will make your new wildlife garden their new home!

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Find out how to make some tasty bird seed cake for the birds in your garden These tasty…

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Angle shades
The Angle Shades is identifiable by the distinctive patterns on its wings. The wings themselves are…

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Wildflower meadow on Silver Forest Trail
Food and shelter for birds, insects and mammals and a feast for the eyes too!

What to do in your garden this month

Volucella zonaria sur buddleia (2)
The sun seems to be finally getting its hat on, or at least dusting it off. It’s not warm yet, but…

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Latest gallery images